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A. Endorser Name and Address:

Adress: ………………………………. ……………………………… ……………………………….

E-mail: ……………………………….

Telephone: ……………………………….
B. Effective date of Agreement: June 1st 2009

C. Term: May 31st 2011

D. Territory: Worldwide

E. xxxx Products: Tennis racquets, thermal tennis bags, tennis strings, grips, overgrips and tennis accessories whenever possible.

Player agrees to carry a xxxxxx thermal racquet bag on court at all time for all practice and competition.

For each contract year, furnished, not to exceed:
racquets – 4 rackets
bags – 1 rackets bag
– 1 travelling bag

accessories – TBD strings – 4 reels
grips & overgrips – TBD

All equipment under this agreement is on a loaned basis. Upon termination of this Agreement, Endorser shall return to xxxxxx all used and unused equipment provided to Endorser under this agreement.

F. Playing Racket: xxxxxxxx…………………………………

G. Appearances: 2 per each Contract Year (i.e. autograph sessions, clinics, store appearances, demo days, including on-court activities, etc)

H. Signature Product Rights: N/A

I. Percentage Royalty on Signature Products: N/A

J. Annual Professional Tennis Tournaments: N/A

K. Compensation Equipment Only

L. Other Supplemental Provisions to the Standard Terms:

No Other Logo on Strings (see other terms):


M. Right of First Refusal :

30 days after expiration contract date

(a) At xxxxxxxx request, ATHLETE shall negotiate with xxxxxxx in good faith with respect to the terms of a renewal of this Contract. The parties shall not be obligated to enter into an agreement if they cannot settle on mutually satisfactory terms. Until sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of this Contract (the “Exclusive Negotiating End Date”), ATHLETE shall not (nor shall ATHLETE permit ATHLETE’s agents, attorneys, accountants, representatives or employees to) engage in discussions or negotiations with any third-party regarding ATHLETE’s wearing, sponsoring, promoting, advertising or endorsing, or providing consulting or similar services with respect to, any Products after the Contract Period (“Endorsements/Services”).

(b) During the Contract Period and for a period of thirty (30) days thereafter, xxxxxx shall have the right of first refusal for Endorsements/Services, as follows: If ATHLETE receives any bona fide third-party offer at any time on or after the

Exclusive Negotiating End Date with respect to any Endorsements/Services, ATHLETE shall submit to xxxxxxx in writing the specific terms of such bona fide third-party offer in its entirety, in the form of a true and complete copy which shall be on the offeror’s letterhead or other identifiable stationery or imprint readily authenticatable by xxxxxx as having originated with such third-party offeror. xxxxxxx shall have ten (10) business days from the date of its receipt of such true copy of the third-party offer to notify ATHLETE in writing if it will enter into a new contract with ATHLETE on terms no less favorable to ATHLETE than the material, measurable and matchable terms of such third party offer. If xxxxxx so notifies ATHLETE within such 10-day period, ATHLETE shall enter into a contract with xxxxxx on the terms of xxxxxx offer. If xxxxxx fails or declines to match or better the material, measurable and matchable terms of such third party offer within such 10-day period, ATHLETE may thereafter consummate an agreement with such third-party on the terms of the offer made to ATHLETE. Prior to the Exclusive Negotiating End Date, ATHLETE shall not solicit, consider, or present to xxxxxx, and xxxxxxxx shall not be obligated to respond to, any third- party offer for any Endorsements/Services.

N. Others Terms

1/ The Endorser must have a visible xxxxxx logo on the racquet strings at all times.., Endorser will agree to do everything within his ability to maintain a visible xxxxxx logo on the strings of his racquet which are visible to the onsite audience as well as the television viewers. In order to provide the standard of visibility of the xxxxx logo, Endorser will apply ink more frequently as well as use and play test inks developed by xxxxx to compliment Endorser’s string color.

2/ The endorser concedes to xxxxxx the right to use his image for promotion and publicity.

3/ The endorser agrees that he will use exclusively xxxxxx racquets and strings and carry on court bags. If the endorser breaches that agreement, he will be fined the value of the material given to him on each contract year (commercial price and not to exceed 1000 euros)

4/ This agreement is between xxxxxx. (xxxxxxx) and references throughout this Agreement to “xxxxxxx“ additionately relates to “xxxxxx, xxxxx“.

5/ The present agreement is governed by xxxxx law

Notices shall be sent to the following address :

O. Signatures:

xxxxxxx Legal Guardian/Parents

Date:__________________________ Date:______________________________

By:___________________________ By:________________________________

Title:___________________________ Residential Address:_________________